This Is My Story


Bom dia!


I will give a short introduction of myself and the land I grew up. My name is Finn Joana Rasquin, born in Cologne (Germany), raised in Portugal from the age of 2 months. I consider myself lucky with my childhood, growing up surrounded by the amazing biodiversity and traditions of Alentejo. The Vicentina Coast gave me the chance to create a strong connection to nature and to the roots of this land.


The past few years I spent working late night shifts in restaurants and bars until i got the courage to pursue my dream: becoming a nature and culture guide of my beloved land. Finn’s Routes became reality since January 2020. Closing one door opened many others.


Finn’s Routes is all about nature, culture, about love and respect for this land. You will get to know Alentejo through the eyes of a true Alentejana, by the environment and through experience. With great pleasure I will take you on a journey in Portuguese tradition, fully ecological, fully sustainable, to protect the amazing nature we have among us. Thereby we keep the culture and traditions of the local community alive by supporting local initiatives.

On top of that I have a degree in Tourism, I speak 3 languages fluently (English, German and Portuguese) and I am learning all about the flora and fauna of the Vincentina Coast, ask me anything!


The Alentejo and Vicentina Coast is ready to enchant you.


I am ready to take you on this journey.



With love,