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Your Local Nature Guide



I'm Finn Joana Rasquin, born in Germany and raised in Portugal since the age of 2 months. As a local nature guide in the Southwest Alentejo, this region is not just where I work—it's my home, and I love every inch of this land. My passion extends from the breathtaking coastline to the serene countryside, embracing the rich biodiversity of diverse ecosystems, and cherishing the people and their traditions. This deep love for my surroundings inspired me to create Finn’s Routes.

Discover the magic of the Southwest Alentejo - an immersive journey celebrating nature, culture, and a profound connection to the land. Guided walks and cultural heritage hikes will unveil the secrets of this stunning region, complemented by outdoor activities such as picnics, wine tastings, and surfing for unforgettable experiences.

Finn’s Routes invites you to explore, connect, and fall in love with this land. Join us for an adventure that transcends trails, crafting memories that resonate with the spirit of the Southwest Alentejo!

I'll be delighted to welcome you!

With love,


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