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Hike & Discover


  • 6 hours
  • Alentejo


A journey to discover the essence of the Southwest Alentejo in 3 days. From the hills to the Ocean, get lost in our rich Natural Heritage. Dive into a different way of living through relaxed experiences, as tasting typical flavours and getting familiar with our crafts. Let yourself be part of it and charge your energies through the sun, the waters and the good Ocean breeze. Included: 12km Hike Discover the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, explore the diverse flora of the coastline and enjoy the magnificient landscapes! 15km Hike Walk through the typical Alentejo landscapes to a beautifull ecossistem of water streams! Outdoor picnic A cultural experience! Tasting local products is a way to discover traditions. From the typical bread, to the cheese, the olive oil, the ceramic plates or the wooden crafts. Behind every taste is a storie to tell. And it it is delicious! Sea Food Experience After hiking on the coastline there is nothing better then tasting the best that our local fishermann catched early morning. In a typical portuguese environment we will taste fresh and local clams, octopus salad, goose barnacles and so much more. Get surprised with simplicity! Wine Tasting Much more then a simple wine tasting, we visit a sustainable family project ! Luis and his familie work this land for many generations thinking about the future of the ones that will follow. They welcome you to see the vineyard, they explain how they addapt to the new climate conditions and what else do they work on to have such a whole biodiversity. Come observe this project and taste good quality wine well accompanied by local products. Transport included Price: 312€/pax (min.3pax) Packages may be personalized to your interests!

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