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Surf & Discover


  • 3 hours
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes


Enjoy the power of Atlantic Ocean while discovering Alentejo! Beginner or intermediant, the surf lessons are costumized to your level and needs. From adapting to the Ocean with a surf board, to riding the first waves or improving your skills in a relaxed and fun environment. During the same days we hike on the coastline to enjoy the ocean views and explore the wonders of the natural park. To offer you a complete experience of this region we explore the countryside, where landscapes turn to be the typical alentejo signature and traditions are in each corner to be discovered. Includes: 3 Days Surf Course 8km Circular Hike The wonders of the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast! With a local snack for the way. 7km Circular Hike A walk through an authentic town and the typical surroundings in Alentejo! Outdoor picnic A cultural experience! Tasting local products is a way to discover traditions. From the typical bread, to the cheese, the olive oil, the ceramic plates or the wooden crafts. Behind every taste is a storie to tell. And it is delicious! Price: 235€/pax(min. 2 Pax) Packages may be personalized to your interests!

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