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Circular Hike

  • 3 hours
  • Cercal do Alentejo, Portugal


A walk through an authentic town and the typical surroundings in Alentejo. An area that was inhabited way before our coastline. A place where traditions and ancient crafts didn´t got lost. We will walk a path around this village where planicies and cork trees paint our landscape. Orchads, vegetable gardens and little typical alentejo houses on the way. With some luck the ceramic shop is open for a visit and a stop at the coffee in the center of town is almost a cultural must. The best way to learn about local community. how people live and what they do in this beautiful region. Distance: ~9km Route: easy trails Duration: ~3hours Includes: local snack Price: 40euros/pax - Minimum 2pax Discount for groups available! Transport and upgrade for outdoor picnic may be requested!

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